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Richard King, Denvilless, Havant, HampshireAlthough I did not anticipate that it would be easy to keep a Journal Site up to date, it was a viable way of having a voice, not easy in southern Hampshire.

At least, these days, there are more developments than there used to be.

One of those is the proliferation of Web Sites I have managed to publish, needed to really, and on which I am still working. A long delay in the completion and publication of my book “Remembering Lorelei” led, among other things, to a conversation with a business woman in December 2007 who wondered if there were any anniversaries with which it should "coincide" in early 2008 (at our level we do not believe in "coincidences"); indeed there were. The already very healthy Web Site visits rose steadily through the year and editing the book edged towards completion.

A book by
Barbara Ford-Hammond, "Past Life Tourism - Gateway to Bridging Your Past and Future", in which Lorelei and I appear, was published in August 2007. That was a significant step towards movement past what is, essentially, a partial publicity block in Hampshire.

This Journal came about, as is explained on the Introduction Page, because of a need to be heard, as well as airing matters that are of public interest, combined with the distinct advantages of the Internet.

The result is that Havant and Hampshire are becoming well known around the world, though not in the way, or for the reasons, I had intended or wished.

By "becoming well known" I mean, on the basis of recent developments, brought to the attention of several hundred million people throughout the world.

Progress has been slow due to extremely poor business advice and assistance in Havant and Hampshire, apart from the Chambers of Commerce.

However, with the first of the books imminent and the article about Sylvie and Richard Lucas that is changing..

In late 2006 I had problems with my computer that took a while to sort out. However, there were also positive developments so, apart from my time being taken up elsewhere, I decided to "keep my head down" and only posted a few items on my Blog. Those developments included finding a publisher for my book via my business adviser, undergoing past life regressions for another book, in which my business adviser featured, as they were then, plus connections with our present relationship. Sylvie Lucas, my fellow Healer and editor of my book, features in the same regression book, as well as Andrea Wren, the journalist who promoted Sylvie's story and on whose own regression Lorelei's comments were sought by the book's author.

During the months of positive developments, I had a conversation with someone I have termed The Well-wisher who confirmed, among other things, that it was being put about that I was, mentally, not entirely with it, contrary to general opinion as well as that of psychologists I have met on a profession, mutual interest basis, and, in particular, Members and Fellows of The Royal College of Psychiatrists, some of whom I have known for several years and who are well aware of my non-physical side; they are actually very interested, particularly the extremely unusual combination of my esoteric, non-physical side, combined with a sound technical, engineering, science side.

A latter introduction is the Cryptic Havant page. In part that is to do with my sense of humour, inherited from my father, though there for other reasons, which some find a little strong and the odd relative or two is unable to handle, though my father had similar difficulties with that part of the family at times.

Welcome to friendly, helpful, understanding Hampshire.

Actually, Hampshire is, basically, very good, though more for visitors than business.

The County just seems to have more than its share of very rotten apples, which no-one seems to be able to throw out. Maybe that has something to do with the symbol of the County being a rose and much being done sub-rosa, as in the manner of the appointment of a new Chief Executive for Havant Borough Council, August 2007, for example. Maybe it has something to do with a selectively limp-wristed Constabulary who appear to be afraid of groups of travellers, among others.

If you are a tourist, rather than a business, and your stay is temporary, it is fine; come and see us.

If you have a business, or wish to establish a business, for the time being, at least, think carefully, and, it you do come, bring your own business advice and financial and publicity links with you. It is likely to improve but will take time.