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March 2010

Fedor, my son-in-law, came over on Saturday 13th March and we went to see Cecilia Harding at her "At Your Fingertips" computer shop in the Greywell Centre, Leigh Park, to try to retrieve the money I paid for an Acer laptop computer that had failed, even after an attempted repair, though, in the meantime, Fedor had found that the model of computer in question, an Acer Extensa, appeared to be of questionable vintage, as well as seeming to have a reputation for memory problems. Unfortunately the shop was closed; I was later to find out that opening times had changed, been reduced, at the beginning of January 2010.

On Sunday 21st March, I managed to spend some more time on my Web Sites, as opposed to blogging and similar, adding some correspondence, including a letter I wrote to some Havant Residents that I had met over the previous several weeks, primarily about the corruption in Havant Borough Council that has, unknown to the residents, cost them hundreds of thousands of Pounds, possibly 1m, or more.

Tuesday 23rd March brought up an old topic in the form of a story in "The News" (Portsmouth).
It was an article by Elise Brewerton, "Campaigners are hoping to get funding for a second Hayling island bridge to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists to cross to the Island" ( The irony is that there could have been a Second Hayling island bridge a decade ago but that opportunity was not taken up by Havant Borough Council as they had recently wrecked my project that had taken five years to set up, the Council had been involved in various forms of corruption and fraud, followed by a cover-up, and me being in the public domain was about the last thing they wanted - see an E-mail sent to a number of Havant Residents., the E-mail mention above that i had finally got around to posting on this web site.

I finally managed to retrieve my money for the dud Acer Computer from the At Your Fingertips" computer shop in Leigh Park, Havant, on Wednesday 24th March. Fedor accompanied me but he was not invited to give his opinion on the Acer computers, the money being fairly rapidly counted out instead. I was relieved that the saga was all over but it had cost many visits to the shop, a number of consultations with Trading Standards and a great deal of correspondence.

On Monday 29th March I finally managed to get around to writing and sending an E-mail to the Planning Department at Hampshire County Council about havant Hockey Club's proposed development of new pitches at Warblington School, Havant. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a response from Councillor Jackie Branson, Councillor for St Faith's ward and Mayor of Havant, on the same day, though also received one from Kerry Cook at Hampshire County Council the follow day, 30th March.

February 2010

On Monday 1st February I attended a meeting of Havant Borough 50+ Forum. having missed the Monday 4th January meeting.

January 2010

The loan of a computer by "At Your Fingertips", of Greywell Centre, Leigh Park, Havant, has greatly eased my computer problems while they and I chase Acer about the new, quickly failed computer - Acer computers very good, until they go wrong, Acer backup absolutely rubbish. At least it allowed me to publish the start f the January Journal Page, including the problems we were having with Curry's and a non-removed old freezer that should have been taken away at the time of the delivery of the old one in December, sorting out which meant missing the 4th January meeting of Havant Borough 50+ Forum.

December 2009

My new Acer laptop was still away being repaired so my Web Sites get behind again, though, with a now not very reliable old computer managed to relink to my Host Company and put up a rudimentary December Journal Page, including mention of a meeting of Havant Borough 50+ Forum at the Civic Offices, Havant and the not entirely full replies to my questions to Councillor Tony Briggs, Leader of the Council, and Sandy Hopkins, Chief Executive of the Council.

November 2009

On the afternoon of Monday 2nd November I attended a meeting of Havant Borough 50+ Forum at the Civic Offices, Havant and a coffee morning at the Beacon Centre, in the Meridian Centre the following day, as well as being involved in “The News” story about the crossing in East Street, Havant.

October 2009

On the morning of the first Saturday in October, Jo and I left for a holiday in the New Forest. Just before leaving, I sent a few E-mails, some a little urgent; they included an E-mail to Chris Stanley, Acting Chairman of
Warblington and Denvilles Residents’ Association.

As we did not leave until, almost, midday, the post arrived before our departure. it included a brochure and other information from Havant Borough 50+ Forum.

June 2009

On Saturday 3rd June I Went to Havant
“Party in the Park” in the Park event, organised by Joy Okwuadigbo, Head of Regeneration at Havant Borough Council. My "adventures", or otherwise, are written up on my Party in the Park Feature Page.

September 2008

In early September I finally wrote something that I have been thinking about for some time, a cryptic description of events in and around Havant; Cryptic Havant. it is, as outlined on the page, not to the standard I would like but here is a reason for its existence and something is better than nothing. besides, I have so much else, especially writing, which still needs to be done.

August 2008

During August I came across a report on the BBC Web Site about a report by the Taxpayers' Alliance. they were very critical of the Regional Development Agencies. Wile I could understand their point of view and the Agencies did cost a great deal of money, my general impression was that they did a good job. for example, I doubt that the tunnel on the A3 road at Hindhead, wanted for many years, would have happened without the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA ). from what i had heard, learned, SEEDA  had been the catalyst for bringing it all together. However, I was in no position to judge how efficiently such agencies are in terms of what they deliver for the money spent.

On the other hand, I do have direct experience of organisations that now come under the development Agencies, primarily Business Links and Enterprise Agencies. I have found Business Link Hampshire to be atrociously bad and South Hampshire Enterprise Agency the same, though the latter comes under the former, or did.

July 2008

Somewhat belatedly, on 4th July, I sent an E-mail to Grahame Huggins and Jenny Oakley, of Business Link Hampshire, giving plenty of information about my background, in advance of the Business Advice Clinic on Monday 7th July at Havant Civic Centre.

On 7th July I attended the Business Advice Clinic and spent an hour and a half with Jenny Oakley. Regrettably, I was no wiser when I left than I was at the beginning; nothing like the help and advice that is supposed to be available at such Clinics (Business Link Extends Business Clinic Service, Basingstoke Business News Overview).

June 2008

On 2nd June I received a telephone call from Grahame Huggins, of Business Link Hampshire, asking if I would be interested in small business assistance in the form of free Business Advice Clinics. The call came as a surprise, given the reluctance of Business Link Hampshire to provide me with any advice, or assistance, since I lost everything to Havant Borough Council in 1998-1999 (five years work was wrecked). I decided to go along with the offer and a letter from Grahame Huggins duly arrived the following morning.

April 2008

Following my closure of accounts with
Tiscali at the end of 2007, declining to give details of my new credit card and paying the outstanding amounts by cheque instead I received threats from credit recovery agencies over a trivial sum of 8-69, even though, as it transpired, Tiscali had received cheques sent but failed to record their receipt and did not cash them for five to six weeks. then there were even more problems. one credit recovery company, Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions (CARS), was relatively reasonable, as such companies go. Staff at Frederickson International Limited were only interested in taking the bully approach and slandered me, on the 'phone, despite me telling them the conversations were begin recorded (I had resurrected an old phone with a suitable connection specifically for the purpose. The threats only ended when I E-mailed CARS and asked for full details to take to the Chamber of Commerce Legal Team; no more threats from CARS, Frederickson's, or Tiscali themselves.

A letter of complaint to Mary Turner, Chief Executive of Tiscali U.K., copied to sundry Tiscali Directors, resulted in a telephone call from Tom Chisholm of Tiscali High Level Complaints, one of the very few compos mentis, coherent Tiscali personnel with whom I have had contact. The content of letters from Tiscali and E-mails from Tiscali, particularly the former, have varied from quaint to absolute drivel. Vast numbers of Tiscali staff seem not to be able to spell, let alone have a command of the English language, or add up, let alone manage accounts. they certainly have no idea how to deal with customers, or people in general.

October 2007

October saw the publication of
Barbara Ford-Hammond’s new book “Past life Tourism – Gateway to Bridging your Past and Future” (Mirage Publishing). I contributed, along with Lorelei, the regressions taking place at Barbara’s house in Newton Valence, Hampshire. Lorelei's piece was a thousand words of comment on Andrea Wren's regression, as requested by Barbara, channelled by me.

The story of Sylvie Lucas and Richard Lucas, Sylvie's discarnate (spirit, non-physical) husband also appears in Barbara's book.

July 2007

In early July the August Issue of "Take a Break - Fate and Fortune" was published. That was of particular interest as it contained the story of Sylvie Lucas and Richard Lucas, Sylvie's discarnate (spirit, non-physical) husband. Sylvie is a fellow healer and the editor, proof reader of my book, "Remembering Lorelei".

Later in the month I spent a few hours, on a Saturday, with Sylvie, plus Richard Lucas and Lorelei in the background, while I built a Web Site for Richard and Sylvie.

April 2007

During April, not long before I was due to attend the Scientific and Medical Network "Mystics and Scientists Conference" at the University of Winchester, I received a telephone call from someone (The Well Wisher) who confirmed what I had really known about events in the area some years before.

The caller also advised me that it was being put about that my "marbles are loose"; a reference to my esoteric interests; they were being used against me rather than for the benefit of the region. I had already heard about that, from almost the beginning of events, but the call was additional confirmation.

While at the "Mystics and Scientists Conference", I took the opportunity to discuss the telephone call, particular the reference to me being "mentally below par" with other conference participants, including several psychiatrists, including members and fellows of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, several of whom i have known for many years and, of course, they know me very well. They pronounced me entirely sane with one adding that that sort of thing happens when you "put your head above the parapet", as he put it, confirm that you are "a little different".

The psychiatric diagnostic skills of Havant Borough Council are as woeful as many of it other "skills", including those involved with business.

April 2006

At the Scientific and Medical Network "Mystics and Scientists Conference" at the University of Winchester over the weekend of 1st and 2nd April, I discussed the progress of my book and related matters with a number of fellow Members of the Network, plus others attending. all were very encouraging, including on the publicity front. That also resulted in links to a prominent regression therapist in the U.S.A., to whom details of my book were taken in March.

Following the March discussions with my Business Adviser, telephone conversations and correspondence with the publisher to whom I had been introduced.

March 2006

An encouraging meeting with the Chief Executive of the organisation acting as my Business Adviser and Agent led to the setting up of a publishing timetable for my autobiographical book "Remembering Lorelei". Media contacts and publicity will be timed to match the publication schedule.

December 2005

By the end of the second visit to my new business support contact there seemed to be considerable positive progress, though I still had a great deal of work to do.

September 2005

At a meeting in September I came across a source of business assistance without needing to travel too far; admittedly the Sussex border is only five miles or so from where I live. After being "blanked" in Hampshire since 1999 that came as a considerable relief. A route past "the Hampshire Block" seemed to have came at last.

June 2005

There have been some developments whereby we will be more widely known.

Part of my house was turned into a television studio for a large part of one day. My "co-star" travelled to Havant to join me.

I presume there have not been many previous occasions when a television camera has been driven down Blenheim Gardens, Havant

There was talk of an actress playing Lorelei and being edited in.

The results will be going world-wide.

There are reasons for not saying too much at the moment. More details and the reasons for the circumspect approach will be posted on this Web Site at the appropriate time.


Wednesday 12th January 2005

A story about me in The News (Portsmouth) as discussed on my Journal Page. Hopefully the beginning of a move past the negatives in Hampshire; not my preferred route but, perhaps, a necessary price.