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The background to my situation outlined on my personal Web Site,

In brief, I am a Chartered Engineer who also happens to be a Healer, with a degree of psychic ability and a unique connection with Germany. I intended to keep relatively quiet about my psychic, non-physical, side for fear of wrecking my engineering career. Certain events drastically reduced my concerns in that respect.

Essentially what the situation amounts to is that I spent five years setting up a technical business project for the South of England. unfortunately, the project was taken from me in 1998, changed to something it was never meant to be, failed as a direct result of that change and was wrecked.

The inappropriate behaviour perpetrated by others included:

  • Incompetence
  • Dishonesty
  • Mismanagement
  • Atrocious business and financial judgement
  • False profesional qualifications
  • False accounting
  • Deception
  • Fraud involving European funds

From what another, even closer, observer told me,
"The spreadsheets were a fiction".

No-one in the region was willing, or able, to do anything about it; nor are they now. A cover-up ensued and, so far, remains.

I have been unable to move in the business or political sense within Hampshire since then due to certain people being afraid of the story coming out.

Somehow, they managed to prevent any local publicity.

However, as a high level business contact in Hampshire said, there is little "they do not know what to do about the Internet", in practice there being little they can do. So, an "open secret" across Hampshire and much of the South of England, is far from an secret thanks to the Internet: the visitors to my Web Sites having long ago gone into the hundreds of thousands.

Clearly, illegal behaviour by Public Bodies in Hampshire is acceptable.

There is considerable detail on my old Web Sites, the modified Original Web Site ( and the old Original Web Site ( The first is a modified form of the second in that the “negatives” have been removed. I republished the complete version, negatives included, in frustration after more years of exclusion in Hampshire, which continues to this day, with the notable exceptions of the Chambers of Commerce and a loan County Council Economic Development Officer.