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As is explained on my other Web Sites, the interest in tourism derives from my esoteric, non-physical, psychic side and the unique German connection.

From the popularity of the genre in the United States and elsewhere, our story will be of considerable interest. it would also fit with existing tourist visits, vacations, to Britain and Germany, especially the Rhine area which is part of The Grand Tour of Europe and a UNESCO Tourism Heritage Site.

There is a general overview on the pages of personal Web Site,, though this needs updating.

During a conversation with Bob Gumbrill, the then Chief Executive of Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the early 2000s, he agreed that my esoteric, non-physical side and the stories involved with it, was worth a great deal to tourism in the region. (I am a Member of East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce which is affiliated to the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber.)

Earlier, Dr Jur Bernd Atenstaedt, Deputy Director General of the German British Chamber, had said that the story of Lorelei and I would help tourism in both Britain and Germany.

Stephen Rostron and Phillip Ashford, of Business Link Sussex, gave me almost three hours of their time and not only agreed that my non-physical side was "a rock on an edge" but said it should go before rebuilding my engineering career.

Bob Gumbrill's estimate of the value of our story to tourism in the South of England was that it was worth at least a ten percent increase on tourism income for the region, probably even higher.

The value of tourism to the Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester area is a minimum of 500 million per annum; approaching 100 million for Havant, at least 100 million for Chichester and 300 million, plus, for Portsmouth and Southsea. A ten percent increase is therefore at least 50 million each year. As that could have begun between 1999 and 2000, had I not been blocked, the losses to Havant and the region in general are very considerable.

In brief, the unusualness of the story, let alone its uniqueness, derives from me being a Healer, as well as a Chartered Engineer (, and having a psychic side with a unique German connection. Over the last fifteen years or so I have had many experiences and "adventures" most of which have been in the South of England.

There is very considerable and increasing interest in spiritual, psychic and non-physical matters, quite apart from there being no equivalent to our story.

Since that conversation with Bob Gumbrill, Barbara Ford-Hammond came into my life in 2005, followed by Sylvie and Richard Lucas in 2006. Over that time our lives and stories have all become intertwined, including both Sylvie and I, along with our unusual, unique(?), partners, being in Barbara's book, "Past Life Tourism - Gateway to Bridging Your past and Future". Sylvie and Richard Lucas have appeared in a national magazine. Sylvie lives in Waterlooville, Barbara in Newton Valence, Near Alton, Hampshire, and I live in Havant. Together we an an extremely unusual grouping of even greater value to the region than just me, though mine has its own unique twist.

In an E-mail discussion about a certain genre magazine article Barbara Ford-Hammond wrote,
Wait until the News of the World gets hold of your story :)”.

Stories like that which go into the national press, usually start locally. However, the situation in Havant is far from unusual and has prevented that process from taking place. There is to be exceptionally charitable, an irrational lack of interest, given, for example, the above quoted opinions. In practice there is a block, for reasons given on my Blog and Web Sites (none of which has ever bee challenged or elicited the slightest complain), confirmed, if it needed to be, by an attempt to prevent me being able to join the Chamber of Commerce; Bob Gumbrill overruled whoever was responsible but declined to say precisely who was responsible.

There is no business assistance, or guidance, available from major organisations that accept public money to provide such assistance (
Business Link Hampshire) and those who are responsible for encouraging business in their borough (Havant Borough Council). In stark contrast the Chambers of Commerce and their friends, plus Southern Entrepreneurs, which I came across via my Chamber of Commerce involvements, have been very supportive. Hence the need to seek business assistance outside of Hampshire and the encouragement of positive responses from all I have spoken to, so far.

On the positive side, in relation to my contribution to
Havant Literary Festival, my entry in the Brochure and on the Web Site reads:

Richard King - Remembering Lorelei

Sunday, 28 September, 11.30 - 12.30pm, Nineveh Gallery and Bookshop

Writer Richard King discusses his extraordinary book, an account of his transcendent relationship with his Soulmate, Lorelei, and their connections with Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Dorset, London, Essex and the Rhinelands of Germany.
3 Box Office: 023 9247 2700

With the exception of some of the local locations, added to those originally proposed, the wording is entirely that of the Festival organisers.

In addition there are other positive developments, though, unfortunately, predominantly outside Hampshire.