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From discussions with a number of other people, including very senior and respected people in business, the story of Lorelei and I is of great commercial value (; far more that I can personally make use of in this lifetime. The manuscript of “Remembering Lorelei” has been written for some time but obtaining publicity is not necessarily straightforward for various reasons, particularly in Hampshire, or at least this part of it; hence the Web Sites. Sequels will follow.

It therefore follows that many others will, should, benefit. However, that which follows is necessarily “on hold” while I travel outside of Hampshire, the County in which I live, for business advice and support; by necessity, not by choice.

My preliminary thoughts, in addition to the main books, are for:

1) A book describing my experiences at St Faith Church, Havant, the royalties of which would go to Church funds; a precursor being a video DVD and booklet. Combining the uniqueness of our story with the business opinions received, this should amount to at least several thousand Pounds.

2) A book arising from experiences related to my mother’s terminal illness with other thoughts, research, development, etc., with the royalties going to Stoke Mandeville Hospital for a specific purpose to be discussed. This would be a normal size book and, following the development of other matters, should be worth many tens of thousands of Pounds.

3) Contributions to the Death Experience Research Group, DERG (

4) In the longer term, following on from having a strong technical background as well as my non-physical, psychic, aspect, I have an ambition to set up a University based Centre to research such matters.

1) St Faith Church Havant – Funds for

I make use of St Faith’s Church a great deal. For that and other reasons I would like to contribute to the Church. I have already verbally promised such contributions, specifically £20,000 out of the first £200,000 received once our very commercial story obtains sufficient publicity to bring it in. in view of the reasoning published elsewhere ( and being expanded upon this is no “pipe dream”; a respected business opinion outlined what would now amount to about £1,000,000 once we achieve sufficient public domain exposure; the specific reasoning is commercial in confidence at present. In addition, following the rejection by Havant Borough Council for a request from the Borough’s £3,000,000 plus windfall Liveability fund for £20,000 to re-landscape the front of the Church Grounds to improve its attractiveness to visitors and tourists, I would make up that sum one the projected income begins to flow.


Following an article by Jeff Travis in “The News” (Portsmouth) and subsequently “The Journal” about me meeting Jeanne D’Arc (Joan of Arc) at St Faith’s Church, Havant, Sasha Twining, a freelance television journalist contacted me about recording a video interview in St Faith’s Church. That was in January 2005 and was done with the assent of Reverend David Gibbons, the Rector of St Faith Church.

I later thought that we could use some of the material videoed, by Sasha Twining and her camerawoman Emily, for a DVD for St Faith’s, plus a booklet and maybe extra video, to raise funds from the Town Fair in August 2005 onwards.

With sufficient help the DVD and booklet could be produced for £1 or less, sold for £2 to £3 with the profits going to St Faith’s.

This would be a precursor to a book about my experiences in St Faith’s, the royalties of which would go to the Church.

2) Stoke Mandeville Hospital – Funds for

During the summer of 2004, while my mother was terminally ill in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, I had the privilege of a large number of experiences directly connected with the situation. Depending how one defines such experiences and adds them up, those I was privileged to experience amounts to between thirty and fifty hours, maybe more,over three and a half months.

A relative jumped to the hasty conclusion that many of them were to do with “past lives” and commented adversely on my views, though she does not understand them anyway.

That was despite me saying next to nothing about them other than to my wife, my Healer colleagues and a few others, including fellow Members of the Scientific and Medical Network, SMN (

The other lives connections I had with my mother numbered only three and the glimpses of them lasted a mere twelve seconds or so in total. Only the first one was directly connected with my mother’s situation and was by way of explanation from a higher level. The other two were more like anecdotal “quips” from my mother, though on a higher than physical world level of communication, of course.

In terms of the other lives I had already wondered about carrying out such an investigation, in due course as to why I am, have been, involved with certain people in this lifetime. When I floated the idea with Dr Roger Woolger ( at a Scientific and Medical Network meeting in Guildford, he thought it was a good one; others have, since then, expressed a similar view.

From that and my experiences with my mother flowed further thoughts about a book, the proceeds of which I could give ion my parents name for a suitable cause at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, or elsewhere. All this is to be discussed as and when Lorelei and I make the necessary breakthrough.

Given the Lorelei connection, it would be surprising if such a book did not generate between £100,000 and £300,000.

3) Deathbed Experience Research Group, DERG (

Dr peter Fenwick and others established the Deathbed Experiences Research Group ( in 2004 to investigate the pre-death experience phenomenon.

These experiences occur hours, days, weeks, or months prior to a person passing over.

The experiences I had with my mother began three and a half months before my mother’s passing. At least it was that way as perceived from the physical world point of view; on another level it was rather different.

Those experiences occurred in some form or other on at least a weekly basis, usually when I was with my mother at Stoke Mandeville Hospital but also at other times. As well as contributing those experiences to the group, I hope to be able to help the Group financial in the future, directly, indirectly, or, perhaps, both.

4) University based Centre

I am entirely comfortable with my technical side, my non-physical side and the combination of the two. In reality (Real Reality terms) there is no difference, they are one and the same.

My understanding is that people like me, with a strong technical, physical world science side and an equally strong psychic, non-physical, spiritual, Real Reality side are quite rare, probably very rare.

I would like to combine that with funds from the books and related spin-offs to set up a Centre, ideally based at a suitable University, to make the most of that is a positive sense.

Such a Centre would help people to understand that everything is really One and relate esoteric matters to mainstream science and understanding.

It might also provide a counterweight to the self-styled “Sceptics”, who do not understand the root and real meaning of the name they adopt and are very poor practitioners of the physical world science by which they set such great store.