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This Web Site came about for the same reason as my other Web Sites and my forays onto the Internet in general, to put the story of Lorelei and I, among other matters, to a wider audience.

Apart from anything else our story is judged to be of considerable commercial value. that is explained on the Tourism Page of this Web Site as well as on the Lorelei and Tourism Web Site.

The Internet has the advantage of being less amenable to interference than other channels occasionally may be, at least at present. That freedom is not absolute as the normal laws of Libel, etc., apply. For the most part there is nothing on my Web Sites that come into that category. However, the few pages which may do so have been on the Internet for a few years with no challenge whatever, principally because everything in them is absolutely true and most of their contents provably so.

Democracy, rather than being an absolute, is, like many other things, variable and, in a sense, theoretical.

In the self proclaimed "Land of the Free", it is not the will of the majority that prevails but the but the will of those who just happen to have a governor as brother in a State whose votes determine the outcome of an election, along with a Supreme Court largely appointed by the father.

In the UK centuries of tradition are trampled underfoot by an incumbent Prime Minister and Government even more dishonest and corrupt than the many who have preceded them.

Freedom of expression is much the same. At present, the Internet is more free than some other areas.

So, in a sense, I am making the most of it while that situation remains.

The paradox with being "encouraged" to use the Internet approach to publicity is that more people get to know than would be the case by conventional means, as well as being worldwide rather than a relatively small part of Hampshire, UK. unsurprisingly my Web Site statistics record hits from as diverse locations as Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Germany, Peru, Australia, as well as, inevitably, many from the United States.

In early 2005 the Web Site "hits", unique visits, are already in the thousands per month and have continued to rise, which, considering the relative newness of the Web Sites, particularly compared with the old Lineone Web Sites, is very encouraging.

There is much more about me, particularly my background, on My Other Web Sites. Please visit those while I am in the process of completing this Web Site. As I do so, more of the pages, listed on the left, will become active.