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Havant Borough Council Offices, Civic Centre Road, Havant, Hampshire, UK

The matter of political representation as far as Havant Borough Council is concerned is simple; I have none and have been denied any since 1999.

Past Councillors who have represented St Faith's Ward, in which I live, have included June Fulcher, George Fulcher, Mark Shorten, Liam Hutchings and Dennis West.

Councillor Liam Hutchings tried to help with problems which arose in 1998 and 1999. Councillor Mark Shorten spent considerable time and effort on my behalf. They were the only Councillors to do so.

Mark Shorten was so conscientious that he resigned as a Councillor a year or two afterwards on the basis, as he told me, that he did not feel he had the time to do the job properly.

The Current, 2007, representatives of St Faith's Ward are Councillors Ray Bolton, David Guest and Jackie Branson.

Having met a particular Councillor on Election Day in the early 2000s, I 'phoned the relevant Political Party Local Office twice and was refused a meeting.

When I came across the same Councillor at a Residents Association Meeting I tried to bring up the matters i would have done had a meeting been granted, only for that person to back away, making excuses about lack of time, needing to get home to family by a particular time, etc. on changing the the subject to one of widespread concern, the heavy lorries the Council allows to use our road, on their way to Copsey's Nursery, causing disturbance and breaking up the road in the process, the Councillor's relief was visible, audible, extremely obvious, normal conversation then ensuing.

Though I have come across that Councillor on several occasions since, they have only managed a passing acknowledgement without being able to "look me in the eye".

In the "early days" a Councillor told me that I would have to find someone of high enough authority to confirm what i told them.

It has been clear for years that Havant Council has been denying me my rights and worse. My inability to obtain any Councillor representation has covered the same period, so, it is either an enormous coincidence or they are connected.

I have lived in Havant since 1983, am on the Electoral Role, pay my Council Tax, a fully fledged resident but my information, views and opinions count for nothing.