Richard's Journal

Familiar Spirit
Richard and Sylvie Lucas
(Waterlooville, Havant, Hampshire)
Written by Richard Lucas
Published in "Take a Break, Fate and Fortune" August 2007
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Familiar Spirit – Sylvie Lucas and her discarnate (spirit) husband

Thursday 5th July 2006, was an interesting day and one I had looked forward to for several weeks, along with my friend and fellow healer, Sylvie Lucas, of Waterlooville, Havant, Hampshire. The reason was that the story of Sylvie and her discarnate (spirit) husband, Richard Lucas, was that their story was to be in the August Issue of “Take a Break, Fate and Fortune”. Sylvie wrote her own story, which was initially edited and put forward by journalist Andrea Wren. Following a little extra editing by Sharon Jaffa and photographs by Angela Nott, the final product arrived in newsagents and similar, across the Country. It will be interesting to see what reactions there are, particularly as the story of Sylvie and Richard Lucas has become entwined with the story of Lorelei and I, in addition to us all being in a new book by Barbara Ford-Hammond.

Sylvie’s original title, “I married a spirit”, was changed only slightly to “I married my spirit lover”, with the lead on the cover, “A ghost proposed to me and I accepted!”. I had already found Sylvie to be a good writer. Andrea Wren and Sharon Jaffa, the story editors, seem to have been of a similar opinion as the printed story did not appear to vary a great deal from the version Sylvie sent me by E-mail several months ago; it certainly flowed as well. They did not give it any silly treatment and sensationalise it, though, to most people, it is fairly sensational as it stands. How many other people are married to a discarnate person.

Both Sylvie and I had wondered what sort of presentation the magazine would give her story. That was due to comments from different sources about how badly some magazines treated people’s personal stories, changing them almost completely but keeping the name of the person whose true story had initiated the magazines involvement. So, there was a degree of apprehension, which proved to be unfounded.

I bought a copy of “Take a Break, Fate and Fortune”, at W.H. Smith, in Havant, on the Thursday morning, on the way to a meeting with a client, and managed to find time to read it later in the day. Something that intrigued me was the stock photograph of the horseman used in the article; if you put a dark beard on him it would be a close very likeness to Richard Lucas as I see him.

Sylvie’s story had been passed on to Andrea Wren by Barbara Ford-Hammond. I had met Barbara through an abortive television recording and thought she might be interested in Sylvie’s experiences. Barbara was sufficiently intrigued that Sylvie and Richard Lucas are both in Barbara’s forthcoming book, “Past Life Tourism”, along with Lorelei and I, as well as, in a sense, the prominent businesswoman helping me with my book.

The television recording was not used, along with two others Barbara made with the same company, but these things happen at times.

It was during 2006 that I first met Sylvie, at one of our local Healers’ Group meetings. Sylvie was new to the Group and that particular meeting was the fifth Tuesday in the month; on such evenings we gathered at the house of a member of the Group rather than one of the healing locations. The subject of an editor for my book, “Remembering Lorelei”  came up in during a conversation. I jokingly suggested that my Healer friends could manage the editing between them, as it would only work out at about twenty thousand words for each of the six of them.

Then Sylvie said, “I’ll do it.”

It transpired that Sylvie could read quickly and accurately, as well as having carried out similar work before.

The other development was that Sylvie, who sees other people’s discarnate companions, friends, only occasionally, saw Lorelei, more or less, immediately. We exchanged our own stories in more detail after the meeting.

Much later I learned that Sylvie had a conversation with Richard Lucas about their involvement with Lorelei and I and he expressed the opinion that it could be quite a ride, a fascinating experience. So it has proved to be with Lorelei and Richard Lucas working behind the scenes over the last several months. That included Richard Lucas watching the local artist who is painting the cover for my book, putting the finishing touches to his work; as he was making minor adjustments to the painting, Noel glanced to his right and saw a man stroking his beard while watching him paint. I have seen Richard Lucas in the same pose while he has been watching Sylvie healing.