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A Hampshire Puzzle - the County with the Emblem of the Rose (sub rosa?)

Below are the types of events in which you may expect to become embroiled as a small business in Hampshire,
 difficult to penetrate and not straightforward, sometimes arcane, as the words below.

Concocting a thrush? Baa! Uproot Ivy Rut, Loll - Beachcomber Ed shuffles a volt into Inn - Ed trumps Ada, tiptop, shoeshines trow





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I conceived of writing about certain events in cryptic form sometime ago. Partly it is to do with my humour, a perverse form of fun; partly for other reasons. (A strong sense of humour, often a sometimes black one, can be a great aid to survival, though that is not necessarily apparent.)

Some of what follows is, I hope, fairly cryptic, some less so. Some seemed to fit in “olde worlde” style, some not so; hence the strange combination. In a way some is “cryptic heavy” and some is “cryptic light”. That has also led to a little duplication and overlap, occasionally two sets of clues. It would take too long to bring it all up to a standard and evenness with which I would be content and the events herein have cost me a decade already. The have also cost the region huge losses over that period, far more than the more local losses though think far into six digits, quite possibly seven.

So, mixed up as it is in style, the content is not mixed at all; it is all true. One way in which it can be verified is by asking a certain person the right question under the right circumstances, as advised by the “Wisher of Wells”, who strongly believes that the citizens should know. I will do the honours; I just need a platform.

Another is, of course, freedom of information, which, as an individual, I am sure I will be denied; as I have been denied representation and freedom of speech at meetings, apart from a certain Chamber of Commerce Meeting.

Welcome to Hampshire and, of course, Havant.

A sheriff who was no saint, certainly not a rock, at least not that rock, nor all he claimed, though his submissions were much the same, especially those to go see, except that go saw and were repaid; had to be, or the brothers’ grandmother’s pleasure loomed, though may still do. Henry’s pad, perhaps, by a Norfolk castle and royal favourite?

Awards false did the sheriff claim, not the charter or status of the main piece on the opposite rank; not for valour, initially, though somewhat backward, was not what it said? The card of a man? No paladin he; the other side of the board and not the only piece of that complexion. "Have gun will travel" read it not, though some of what it did read was false and some of what it should have read was blank.

Was the Queen from Newgate, or just lost her appetite
and was backward; is the current use ironic? Was she in the counting house while the Bishop was in his forge? Was it the Black Knight who was first to the forge? Methinks ’twas. The goods already wrought, unable to be reshaped, the Queen and the Bishops tried to make good.

The plan was taken, the plan was changed. The monies were taken and wrongly spent, wasted. The new match maker did not make the match, as was charged to do. So, overall the sheets were spread but the sheets had faults and flaws. To the seers by where the country roads pass over one another they went, not far from where the little girl's friend sleeps. The seers saw, were surprised to be taken as fools; they saw through the glass, not just the little girl's, and it was not wonder they saw but much deceit, far more than the tenants who haven't seen at all; there was no guard on the citizens' van and it cost them dear, if only they knew. Great penance loomed but there was a way; return the cost of all that had been wrought in the forge, but from where did come such a great sum?

The Queen’s Bishop go see with citizen's purse and the citizens haven’t been told still. High office saved but at what cost? Liberty also?

Much time has since passed and all is well, or so it seems, but still they quake and are of nervous disposition.

At a citizens' gathering, though only us two, the wanderer backed away in fright, like a rabbit in lights, though cheered and relaxed when questions changed to broken roads and flower wagons, a far less serious matter with no sanction
in prospect
, forced stay, or other.

No stars fell down, as they would have done in wrath, had not purse been returned across the sea, but increase their number instead since then, though the sign stays the same, as far as I know.


How does this knowledge come about. What was known early, a ship that leaks, crew who have left, the Wisher of Wells, openly available documents; more of the puzzle comes together.

The other Black Knight? Was he a blue-eyed Scot? Inherit a kingdom in the dominions? What was his way, or was he too late to the forge also?

Other pieces? What grows on Scottish Castle walls. A town in Jutland rings a bell. Did not run playboy clubs but was concerned with the interests and welfare of humans, though, apparently more theory than practice, at least in the pecuniary sense.

Who was rooked and haven’t been told?

The Bishop was not Richelieu, though very French; in a way known as William, though not Bill. I knew the Bishop go see.

The Wisher of Wells confronted the sheriff in serious circumstance, strong arguments ensued. The Wisher knew how much was the Bishop’s purse, though really the bishopric’s purse. The
citizens know not, haven’t any idea. The Wisher says the Bishop should be asked, exactly how much and where from. The right circumstance awaits?

Did they think we are just doing “our thing”? Appropriate sentiment, though wrong location. Oddly that was my favourite defence, Dragon Variation, though of little help in this game. All chess pieces are on the table, in view. No squares in this game; nothing runs straight, or level. quite unlike the way I was taught, is practice and symbol, to which I endeavoured to remain true.

Two pieces did not belong on those far ranks. One, though his brother had a small farm to call his own, had to stay. The diminutive one left the board, not enough time to play a good game, he said, though did black man take him away?

In Caesar’s time of god and goddess, Fraus was Mercury’s helper, returned to be promoted above Captain and felicitas overlooks those who haven’t.

Haven’t citizen’s paid instead? Yes, greatly, though know they not the deal, the loss; went up in smoke, see French below; elucidated by the one who wished me well. The number fed times two hundred would likely be the sum; certainly very great as only ten times fed allowed to show themselves by cardinal friend of bird. Not really food or the Global Business Partnership, or the Graduate one for that matter, more Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, as they used to say.

Who joined their ranks, the pieces of weight? No, characters from Elizabeth Ranier’s “House of Water”, almost, not quite; at least it would seem so; one piece on the board in more ways than one. Then they were with Lord Paddy’s former employers, initially at least, though have now joined a more embryonic organisation. The unknown writ large, backed Virgil to the hilt; no Greek but he who chased himself.


Though not a cast of one (not a phoenix though still flame and bird but no longer, the bird is with the pears, though are they pears, or more of hearts?):

With most of the Doctor’s Brecon area on fire, former kingdom leads to Sydney’s best-kept secret. Did Drummond and Eckman agree?

Mick and friends must have left plenty behind, not just Brian, though it was his idea, and were preceded by a knowing Scot.



Fore and aft are French, or can be. An extended smoking jacket with not all tender loving care, as well as the singular smell of fish. The player goes first; a sweet toothed villan who twice got the bird and gave roses to quizzical Sue.

A deceased campanologist? In a sense, in part; more his instrument plus tragic Miss Stevens’ first, preceded by Mr MacDonald’s.

A tinted Mercedes? Almost, though closer to its other half. Do you know a yachtsman who wears jewels?

Open and sincere? Not this one. You will really land in the soup.

The Christmas bird would hardly make a meal but still owns the forge.

The crusaders’ chronicler came first but was really second, after the style of Noah. Not David’s better half, more Terry’s and the saint, at least by name, below the captain was all at sea, sailed from the east. Scavenger birds in Germany?

No Angel, let alone Arch Angel. The offspring of a fish? Take a breather instead. Direct publication of the bird’s story?
How close is a friend, or should you love your neighbour? Can we do it? Like heck we can, though which was is more the question.
Glen Larson would be proud; maybe Reynolds and Towler as well, though his efforts were only part of the whole.
The Cardinal points away from the scene; an extremely unusual circumstance.

An extremely surprised, “Very unusual!” were identical comments of two of Aunty’s experienced sons.

Royal river warning, or intimation, only issued by alternative to high moral ground, surely? Though nothing moral about his, let alone high.

An honourable and inquisitive scribe, when told of the notes the documents the files, quoth, "As long as it takes", but soon taken from the outpost. From the new scribes no interest. Quoth one new scribe, in essence, "You will say one, concilium another, the
citizens will not have interest".

The most important artist of the rose looked away, though not with the teacher and the man in Europe, whose deeds were far less; from them a penance was exacted. Does he still paint. More likely hails a player these days, as does the bricklayer's daughter.

Just in the know?

The post taken back before rabbits’ hostelries, at least it sounds like that.

A little sunshine, a little hope, a wanderer but not a happy one.

Additional players, perhaps?

A menace precedes Soule’s advice, though is now on cloud nine, among others.

The future Lord led the escape, probably too much for Simon, and followed a Florentine masterpiece.


Not an angel lady, though with a stellar following, almost and full.

Under instructions?

An alien gets together with a bad actor and a large one without the additive at short pubs.

The butler’s wife puts her second after twins, both cave dwellers.

Sitting on the fence?

A score to work? How economic is that?

The exceptions, one on the straight and level, now retired, another of honest endeavour; an, apparently, honourable departure; someone who was open about what was going on:

The rabbit detective.

Reduction of a blemish.

Not so little Britain, without the equity.