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Hayling Island is connected to the mainland by a single bridge at Langstone, just south of the A27, as shown on the right. It carries a road with a footpath on each side.

For many years there has been an interest in, a desire for, a second bridge, one proposal being for that bridge to be alongside the existing bridge.

The concept was for a bridge that was essentially a combined footbridge and cycle way that could be used by emergency vehicles if the main bridge should be blocked.

My interest in the Hayling Island Second bridge goes back to the mid 1990s when I first proposed that the desire for a second bridge, to complement the existing one at Langstone, could be fulfilled by a follow-on technology demonstrator bridge after the very successful construction of a technology demonstrator at Aberfeldy in Scotland.

See, for example, .

The proposal I put forward was published in "The News" (Portsmouth), along with a photograph of the Aberfeldy bridge.

The background information will form part of this Web Site in due course. In the meantime, a brief version of what will appear on this Web Site can be found on my Business Web Site at

Essentially, Hayling Island could have had its second bridge, in 1999-2000, as a second generation technology demonstrator in composite materials, funded by Europe. It would have cost the Borough of Havant and the County of Hampshire little or nothing.

The offer was made. It was ignored, declined.