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Hampshire is a very pleasant part of the Country in which to live, being on the south coast and encompassing the New Forest, part of the South Downs and very pleasant countryside in general. London and major airports are close to Hampshire, as continental transport links, some of which are within the County.

On the face of it Hampshire is also an ideal place for businesses. Unfortunately, on the basis of direct experience, there are several undercurrents which run the full range from the incompetent to the immoral and illegal. To the needs to be added a more or less complete absence of the usually expected checks and balances, so-called representation and democracy which is a complete sham (at least in some areas) and a propensity to cover-up, at least (especially?) where the most serious offences (illegal ones) are committed.

At present, I would not be able to recommend any business to come to Hampshire, unless it could look after itself in terms of holding its own against a Council, was prepared to go out of the County for business support and advice, and capable of generating publicity, preferably national publicity, completely separate from the Media within Hampshire.

Once Hampshire can clear out those responsible for unpleasant matters which happen below the surface, the County will be as good as it looks, both as an area in which to live as well as set up and carry on a business.

The above is a very great pity. Until and unless one runs into the dark side, Hampshire is good to excellent, except for organisations which are supposed to help business but do little in that respect, though draw public funds for an illusory service. The Chambers of Commerce are an exception. They are excellent, not only claiming to be independent but fully capable of demonstrating that independence and not giving way to pressure.

The way particular organisations and official bodies present themselves and what is said about them in public is very different to what is said when people can speak for themselves, rather than the organisation they represent. In short, the reality does not match the presentation, by quite a long way.

Business Link Sussex is everything that Business Link Wessex is not; the difference being that Business Link Sussex is run by Sussex Chamber of Commerce and Industry.