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Havant Borough 50+ Forum
Questions for Havant Borough Council

Sandy Hopkins, Chief Executive Havant Borough Council, Councillor Tony Briggs, Leader Havant Borough Council
St Alban's City and District Council, Thanet Council, Haringey Council, Copsey's Nurseries



Richard King, RLK Associates, 19 Blenheim Gardens, Denvilles, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 2PN

3rd November 2009

Havant Borough 50+ Forum

Questions submitted via Jan Gough

Questions for meeting of Havant Borough 50+ Forum Meeting on Monday 7th December 2009 at which the Guests will be:

Sandy Hopkins, Chief Executive of Havant Borough Council
Councillor Tony Briggs, Leader of Havant Borough Council

1) There are moves for the proceedings of Councils to be made available, live as Webcasts and as archives, over the Internet, to increase accountability and democracy. In some areas this is already being done; e.g.
St Alban’s City and District Council, Thanet Council  and Haringey Council. Does Havant Borough Council plan to follow this route, particularly in view of its commitment to “working together with you”, as emblazoned on the cover of the Havant Borough Council 2008/09 Annual Report , i.e., presumably, with the Residents? If not, why not?

Answer awaited

2) Why do Havant Borough Council Officers intercept and block E-mails to Councillors? Under what Laws and Rules do they do so? Logically, the practice amounts to the electronic equivalent of the interception, unauthorised reading and theft of mail.

Answer awaited

3) Under what circumstances are Council Officers allowed to ignore Residents when contacted by them? It does happen, has happened?

Answer awaited

4) Blenheim Gardens
and Fifth Avenue have been badly damaged by the Council allowing residential roads to be used by heavy lorries going to and from Copsey’s Nurseries . Grass verges were covered in tarmac to allow lorries to mount pavements. The number of vehicles has significantly decreased due to apparent changes in business and trading at Copsey’s. when will the damaged road surfaces and substructure, damaged paths and damaged and sunken curbs be repaired, the grass verges restored and the roads, in general, be returned to their original layout and condition?

Answer awaited

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