Richard's Journal

September 2006


Saturday 6th October 2007

I travelled to London for the “Healing and Spirituality in the 21st Century” Conference at the Friends Meeting House in Euston, conveniently directly across the road from the Underground and Railway Station. The Conference was organised by the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and the London Branch of the Doctor Healer Network

Monday 8th October 2007

While in Havant, in the afternoon, and walking through the Meridian Centre, I found myself drawn into an odd conversation by a youth, who had broken off from his friends as he passed me, going in the opposite direction. the conversation made no sense as such, until I noticed him glancing downwards on occasions, followed his movement and realised he was secretly videoing my reactions to his oddball questions and patter. as soon as he realised I knew what he was doing, in true brave amateur journalistic fashion, he ran as fast as he could.

I later traced him back to Havant College, having seen him leave the other side Havant Park, with his friend, in the direction of the College, managing to take a few photographs of him with my digital camera, which, fortunately, i had in my car, as, again, he ran away.

The student concerned is the blond youth showing his video recordings to friends in the middle of the group in the photograph. The full story of the college media student is related on another page.

Tuesday 9th October 2007

At about 9.30 a.m. I received a telephone call from Lesley Siddall, the Deputy Principal of Havant College. She asked what I would like to be done about the video incident with the Havant College Student on the previous day.

I said that I had spoken to a member of the College staff, on the previous day and my most pressing requirement was that I have a written assurance that the video recording of me had been wiped clean and that it would not be shown anywhere, either privately or publicly. Lesley Siddall said that the student concerned had been identified, that she would be seeing him during to morning to give him a piece of her mind and that a letter would be sent countersigned by her.

There was a question about what else I wanted to see done and I replied that I was not sure. I said that I had thought about passing over the details of the incident to Elise Brewerton. When Lesley Siddall asked dif that was my solicitor, I said that it was not; Elise Brewerton is a reporter on “The News”, the local newspaper, based in Havant, at least she was, as far as I remembered, as staff change from time to time.

In the end I said I would think about what else, if anything. There was no point in pushing matters to far but the student had behaved as an arrogant idiot without being able to show a shred of courage when asked to justify his actions, simply running away.

Lesley Siddall was not aware of what had taken place in terms of the weird conversation with the student

Friday 12th October 2007

The letter from Lesley Siddall at Havant College duly arrived, along with a let of apology from the student and assurance that he would not use any video material he had taken of me. There was no point it pushing the matter much further, though the student still did not have the courage to fully identify himself, just an unreadable signature and a first name. Having had first hand experience of the person concerned I was not convinced that was all that needed to be done but would, probably, be unfair on the College to take it much further. Havant College is a very good College, though any such institution has it share of people who go too far at times.